Metamorphosis Wellness Transformed

Metamorphosis Wellness and Barbara Bock, RN, MPS, welcome you to our website.

As above, so below. Beyond the 2012 transformation in earth's dimensional energy, our own evolution continues. Our two divisions, Infinite Pathways & Quantum Products, reunited in Metamorphosis to offer you Wellness, the same life-enhancing information, treatments and products we have always believed to be most helpful to anyone seeking a natural healthy way to live.


To assist and empower all clients on their unique journey of health and healing, by cleansing, toning and rebuilding the body, mind, soul and spirit.

  • • We assist clients in developing an awareness of ownership of their own consciousness and wellbeing.
  • • We assist clients in developing an understanding and appreciation for the importance of preventative care.
  • • We assist clients in developing an understanding that, as people, they are not simply a collection of mechanical parts, but a dynamic energy system of physical, mental, spiritual, and social aspects functioning in an intergrative manner for optimal wellness in the world.

Metamorphosis Wellness continues to participate in a network of consultation services locally and all over the world. Please contact us if you have any questions.